Having lived in a foreign country (both in France, and in China for a short time) I know that one difficulty can be finding out where to buy things, especially things you are familiar with.  Unfamiliar shops and product names only add to the language difficulty.  So, on this page I have provided some links to shops in Guildford and information that might be of use, with a list of basic things you may need or want and suggested places where you may get them.

If you find any incorrect or inaccurate information on this page, please e-mail me.  It is difficult to keep this information accurate and up to date, given how quickly shops come and go in Guildford.   Also e-mail me if you think of any shops or services in or near Guildford that may be useful to international students, especially if you think they may not be familiar with them, or if you are an international yourself and have discovered somewhere useful to you!  Thank you!

Shop information

Don’t want to walk into town?





Charity shops

Charity shops sell “second-hand” goods, given to them for reselling to raise money to help people in need.  They can be excellent places to get all kinds of things very cheaply, such as clothes, household items, and even old books, music and films.