The River Wey

The River Wey

Odeon Cinema

Leaving the university via Yorkie’s Bridge (the footbridge over the railway next to University Court), cross over the road and turn right.  As you approach the railway station (on your right), you will see across the river (on your left) the Odeon cinema.  You will also come across a footbridge over the river (which would probably be your usual way into town, when walking there).

The original Odeon Cinema in Guildford, at the top of high street, was built in 1935.  It was closed in the mid-1990s and was empty for some years, before being demolished to make way for a smart block of expensive flats.
The new Odeon was built here next to the river (where the old leisure centre used to be) in 1996.

Go down the brick steps (just before the footbridge) to get down to the riverbank, and turn right, taking you under the footbridge and towards the town centre.

The River

The River Wey

The River Wey is a tributary of the River Thames, which flows through London.
The source of the “north branch” is at Alton, in Hampshire, and the source of the “south branch” is at Liphook.  The branches join at Tilford.

The River Wey also has several tributaries of its own, including the River Tillingbourne and the River Ock.  The River Ock meets the River Wey at Godalming.

The University of Surrey’s “Surrey Court” residences are named after Surrey Rivers:  Bourne, Mole, Tillingbourne, Wey, Blackwater and Wandle.

From Tilford the Wey goes on via Godalming and Guildford to join the Thames at Weybridge.

The Navigation

In 1651 an Act of Parliament was passed authorising the River Wey to be made navigable from the Thames to Guildford.  The Wey Navigation was completed by 1653, when barge traffic started operating, making the river one of the first British rivers to be made navigable.

In 1760 an Act was passed authorising the construction of the Godalming Navigation, and work was completed by 1764.

The River Wey Navigation is about 20 miles – 32 kilometres – from Godalming to the River Thames, near Weybridge.  (About 15.5 miles – 25 kilometres – from Guildford to the Thames.)