Market Street

Market Street

The Undercroft

Beneath 72-74 High Street is a perfectly preserved late 13th century vaulted semi-basement shop (one of the finest in Surrey) cut into the underlying chalk.

Open: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2pm-4pm, Saturdays 12-2pm in summer.  Admission free.  Contact the museum for further information.

Sundial (above "Dorothy Perkins" – Gap?)

No. 90 (Currently “Whistles”)

WhistlesNumber 90 is an interesting house with a 17th century façade and parts of an earlier building incorporated into its structure.  Note the vase-shaped pilasters supporting the bay windows.

Corner of Market Street

Market StreetThe Red Lion, the largest of Guildford’s coaching inns, stood here.  Amongst its guests were King Charles II and Samuel Pepys.  It declined into a pub in Victorian Times (cf. the coming of the railways!), its gate renamed “Market Street”, and then closed after the First World War.

The former houses date from the 16th century.  In number 125 part of the roof timbers have been exposed and can be seen from the first floor.