Guildford History

The GuildhallThis page is an index to a history of Guildford, based on a walking tour around the town.  The complete tour starts at the cathedral, to the university and then around the town centre following the blue line on the map shown below.

To help follow the history of Guildford, there is a chronological list of “events” mentioned with links to the relevant pages.

A real tour of Guildford cannot easily follow any chronological order, hopefully for obvious reasons.  For example, in particular starting from the university or Cathedral we see parts of Guildford which are new in only the last century, and then walking into town see the oldest parts of Guildford by the river, and around town a mix of very old and newer parts of the town.  Therefore, the chronological list is provided for interest purposes, with links to the relevant pages where applicable.

For more information the bibliography and list of links used as sources of information for this tour is also included.

This is still very much a “work-in-progress” but I hope you will enjoy finding out a little of the rich history of Guildford.

Map of the tour
Map of the tour around Guildford